Source code of the PW-Sat2 On Board Computer (OBC) software.
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PW-Sat2 OBC Software

This repository contains source code of the PW-Sat2 On Board Computer (OBC) software.

The repository is divided into following parts:

  • \doc - Documentation specific to the source code itself,
  • \integration_tests - Contains sources of python end-to-end tests,
  • \libs - Sources of the libraries used by the project,
    • \libs\drivers - Contains drivers for PW-Sat2 hardware,
    • \libs\external - Contains source code of all external libraries used by the project,
  • \platforms - Contains modules that are specific to any of the platforms that PW-Sat2 project supports,
    • \platforms\DevBoard - Module that provides definitions for the EFM32GG-STK3700 development board used for development & integration testing,
  • \src - Main OBC module,
  • \unit_tests - unit test project.

How to build

The list of the tools needed to build the OBC software and the instructions how to build it can be found here.

More about PW-Sat2

See our website for details about PW-Sat2 CubeSat project.

PW-Sat2 is a student satellite project started in 2013 at Warsaw University of Technology by the Students Space Association members. Its main technical goal is to test new deorbit technology in form of a large deorbit sail whereas the project purpose is to educate a group of new space engineers. In February 2018 PW-Sat2 became fully integrated and was being prepared to the launch into orbit onboard Falcon 9 planned for the end of 2018.