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NOTE: This package is currently in early development. The commands on this page and this package should only be used by users who understand what they are installing and how to run local packages from the terminal / command line

Providing a simple user interface on top of the lnd gRPC methods. Barebones project not meant to function as a wallet with good UX, just provide a basic user interface to replicate the lncli

Issues are found in the issues tab in the GitHub repo.


This project is a client-side application that runs in the browser. It can be found in the client directory.

The front-end itself is written in Aurelia to keep as simple to Modern JavaScript as possible with limited amount of framework-specific code.

The project makes HTTP calls to the ln-service project, running as a node.js RESTful API. Under the covers it uses the gRPC interface to interact with LND, via macaroons.

Large dependencies


  • node and npm (Project verified on node@8.9.1 and npm@5.5.1)

Until an official release is available please make sure to have some additional build tooling available on your command line

  • gulp - Build tooling for client-side app
  • jspm - Package manager for client-side app

These can be installed globally as such, from any directory -

$ npm install gulp -g
$ npm install jspm -g


For now there are no distributions available and this package must be git cloned.


Obviously, ensure you have git installed before attempting this.

$ git clone
$ cd lnd-gui
$ npm install

Configuring ln-service

ln-service requires a few environment variables to run. You can see a list of them in the following link -

Configuring Environment Variables

Running the app

From the root of the project directory

$ npm start

This will run the client and start the ln-service as well.


Thanks to and for lightning.js grpc wrapper.




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