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  • v3.1.0
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  • v3.1.0
  • 691dfcf
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@PWRcoin PWRcoin released this Mar 18, 2019 · 2 commits to phoenix since this release

PWRcoin Release Notes for v3.1.0

This is an optional minor release.

New in v3.1.0

  • The wallet flush time has been optimized for large wallets with many transactions, we originally did this for the tipbot and it has run stable for multiple months. I recommend this for pool owners as well as anyone who has 5Mb+ large wallet.dat files.
  • A new menu called "links" has been added to better guide our new members to all our official websites and resources.

MD5 Signatures

68747e6087412406385b6d9d2e46f03f pwrcoin-qt-x32-v3.1.0.exe
9302aa15368127b500b878edba7a91b0 pwrcoin-qt-x64-v3.1.0.exe
882a5900eb342128a173303f2096d97b pwrcoin-qt-x64-v3.1.0-ubuntu16
a19ebcec5cb6ca521a3b4da161540007 pwrcoind-x64-v3.1.0-ubuntu16
7d5f3e72ab0af224e9c8e5f98cdb9650 pwrcoin-qt-mac-v3.1.0.dmg
89e13e50d3d95c5ca6720019bed56afb pwrcoin-qt-x64-v3.1.0-ubuntu18
1da4a90a3effe96424d14084d4b9fc89 bootstrap-october-2019.tgz

Assets 9

@PWRcoin PWRcoin released this Jul 30, 2018 · 40 commits to phoenix since this release

PWRcoin Release Notes for v3.0.0

This release is called "Phoenix" and is our first post-swap wallet.

Note: We are waiting on DNS propagation for the new site to finalize.
The old block explorer will continue to work on for another month.
We have created 2 new seeds for the new chain:

    Note: you do not need to add them to pwrcoin.conf those are built-in to the wallet.

New in v3.0.0

  • New Branding logo and icons
  • P2P protocol new magic bytes to cut ties with old forks from pwrcoin.
  • PWRcoin addresses new prefix "P"
  • New P2P port: 22504
  • New RPC port: 22502
  • Min Staking age is now 1hr
  • Max Block size is now 2MB
  • Max Supply is 12,427,419,639 PWR
  • GUI now allows user to send up to 10B per transaction (no more 100M limits)
  • Block Speed is still 30s
  • Block Maturity is now 40 ( double from before , this means 50 confirms are needed )
  • Fixed a 200% diff max bug in the code.
  • New Data Foldername is "pwrcoin3" to avoid conflicts with old wallet
  • POS Reward is 100 PWR
  • POW Reward is as follows:
    • block 262850 -> 180 COINS - 3 months
    • block 525650 -> 150 COINS - 3 months
    • block 1051250 -> 120 COINS - 6 months
    • block 2102450 -> 100 COINS - 1 year
    • block 3153650 -> 90 COINS - 1 year
    • block 4204850 -> 80 COINS - 1 year
    • block 5256050 -> 70 COINS - 1 year
    • block 6307250 and up -> 65 COINS
    • Pre-Mine for CryptoHub exchange was 9,916,368,050 PWR

You can reach us on discord if you need any help.

MAC v3.0.0.0 (x64) - Minimum compatibility 10.11 - If you experience an issue, please ensure your Mac OS is fully updated. Report issues to: Please include OS version when reporting.

MD5 Signatures

c1f0acd8eea6e19bd140ad61af4272a9 pwrcoin-qt-x64-v3.0.0.exe
cc9d2ff2c30042c36758ba593eb18391 pwrcoin-qt-x32-v3.0.0.exe
4237f4540807c48d5d538e8dccb51d53 pwrcoind-x64-v3.0.0.0-ubuntu16
b111105c83a4d0e7b400700fc0f79318 pwrcoin-qt-x64-v3.0.0.0-ubuntu16
f0f842c934f2edb88a49c9541f3bdd9c pwrcoin-qt-mac-v3.0.0.dmg

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