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DQRC13C DQRC13D DQRC14A FlightTask-Offboard MaEtUgR-windows-ccache add-vmount-absolute-angle aero-tap-esc-stack att-yaw-stabilized auto-smooth-3-statemachine auto-trajectory-hack av_x_with_capture avoid_int_ci avoid_interface ax_v_timer_fix beta bgat-master camera_capture_tests camera_trigger_fmu_pins78 collision_avoidance_library coverity_scan crazyflie_optflow dev-ams ecl_PR-515 ecl_PR-533 ecl_PR-535 ecl_PR-537 ecl_coverity_scan ecl_hamishwillee-patch-1 ecl_master ecl_pr-extVisYawReset ekf2_replay_interp ekfGpsYaw-wip ext-baro-test fea fix_hil fixes_straight_line flighttask-check-data flighttask-offboard-setpoint-mixing global_to_local icm-test icm20948_squashed_mag_rot_fix iekf-new iekf-slim imu_sampling integration-testing-ulog isolate-time-wip-julianoes isolate-time lpe_update lpe_vis manual_slow_down_ground master_cuav-test master_gnuarm master_kinetis_emi_freq master_kinetis_emi master_manifest_strawman master_nuttx_7.27+ master_pwm_experiment_on_v2 master mavlink_geofence mavlink_signing mrpollo-patch-1 navigator_send_local_triplets nuttx_px4_firmware_nuttx-7.27+ nxphlite-temp-fixes offboard_enable_feedforward param_dict param_loading_debug pixracer-spi-hack pr-820_posix pr-DO_CHANGE_SPEED pr-FT_custom pr-accel_cal_fix pr-adis16477_test pr-adis16497 pr-airframe_cleanup pr-airframe_include pr-alt_init pr-appveyor_matrix pr-auto_land_velocity_limit pr-auto_no_slewrate_no_scale pr-autoconfig pr-autostart_defaults pr-av_x-ethernet pr-avoidance_ci_rebased pr-avoidance_ci pr-bitcraze_flow_rebase pr-brake_before_rtl pr-caipirinha-disarmed-pwm pr-calibration_library pr-check-land-params pr-clang-tidy pr-commander_home_cleanup pr-commander_kill_switch pr-commander_minor_cleanup pr-commander_misc pr-commander_msgOutput_cleanup pr-commander_preflight pr-commander_rc_cleanup pr-compasscal-offdiag pr-debug_logger_watchdog pr-dispatch_queue pr-drivers_device_interface pr-ecl_mag_decl_save_test pr-ecl_mission_coverage pr-eigen pr-ekf_flags pr-ekf_mag_decl_cleanup pr-ekf2_cleanup pr-ekfHighLatMag pr-emailmap pr-external_mags pr-failsafe-fix pr-fix_mpu9250_bus_options pr-flight_test_input pr-flt-task-arch pr-fmu-v4_spi_ext pr-fmuv5_no_io_rc_fix pr-foaw-filter pr-front_trans_timeout pr-fw-po-thr pr-fw_defaults pr-fw_takeoff_pitch pr-heartbeat_failsafes pr-hil_ci pr-hil_jlink pr-hil_tests pr-honeywell_test pr-icm20948-fix pr-icm20948_hardfault_fix_fmuv5 pr-init_fixes pr-integrator-timestamping pr-integrator_cleanup pr-invensense-temp pr-itcm_hacks pr-jenkins_catkin pr-jenkins_coverage pr-jenkins_deploy pr-jenkins_hardware pr-jenkins_mac_retry pr-jenkins_optical_flow pr-jenkins_sitl_models pr-kill_switch_auto_disarm pr-l1_updates pr-land_detector pr-limit_altitude_navigator pr-loadmon pr-mag_driver_cleanup pr-manual_control_setpoint-split pr-mavlink_GPS_INPUT pr-mavlink_check_buffer pr-mavlink_logging pr-mavlink_sysstatus pr-mission_status pr-mixers_6dof pr-mode_switch_automodes pr-module_base_cleanup pr-mpu9250_spidma pr-mpu9250 pr-ms5611_cleanup pr-ms5611_refactor pr-ms5611_tempcal pr-nav_foh_loiter pr-nav_l1_dist pr-navigator_robust pr-nuttx-libcxx pr-nuttx_cmake pr-nuttx_master_update pr-nuttx_update pr-odometry_sim pr-omnibusf4sd pr-optFlowFixes pr-orbit-telemetry pr-param_shmem_sync pr-params_constexpr pr-platform_cleanup pr-pmw3901_fixes pr-pozyx pr-prearm_pause pr-preflight_severity pr-px4io_cmake pr-px4_work_queue pr-radio_status pr-rc_regained pr-reorg_actuators pr-reposition-fix pr-rtl_alt_highest pr-rtl_pre-after-return pr-safety_button pr-sensor_classes pr-sensor_gyro_controllib pr-sensor_test pr-sensors pr-smart-rtl pr-snapdragon_cleanup pr-snapdragon_cmake pr-snapdragon_fixes pr-split_mpu9250_icm20948 pr-ssd1306 pr-startup-sound pr-stm32cube pr-subscriber_mini pr-survey-trigger-control pr-switch_old_delete pr-tailsitter_hud pr-tailsitter pr-takeoff_help pr-task_auto_smooth pr-tecs_front_trans pr-tecs_logging pr-telemetry_remote_type pr-testing_catch2 pr-tfmini_cleanup pr-tone_alarm_rcS pr-toolchains pr-traj-ekf-reset pr-update_Tools/jMAVSim pr-update_Tools/sitl_gazebo pr-update_boards/atlflight/cmake_hexagon pr-update_mavlink/include/mavlink/v2.0 pr-update_src/drivers/gps/devices pr-update_src/drivers/uavcan/libuavcan pr-update_src/lib/DriverFramework pr-update_src/lib/ecl pr-update_src/modules/micrortps_bridge/micro-CDR pr-vehicle_configs pr-vehicle_imu pr-vl53l1x_integration pr-vmount_btc_88 pr-vtol_bt_accept pr-vtol_descend_rtl pr-vtol_rate_ctrl pr-vtol_rates pr-vtol_state_cleanup pr-vtol_switch_and_status pr-work_queue_cpp pr-wv pr_actuator_controls pr_tests_doc pr_vtol_btnav_fix pr_vtol_front_trans_ramp rally_points release/1.8 replay_compat sander_test_branch sbus_time-based_hardening sitl-sysid snappy_good stable temp_fix translation_strings_params trigger_param triplet_handling triplet_smoothing unhide_ci_directory weathervane_clean yaw_mode_manual_auto
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bkueng and dagar rcS tone_alarm: fix CBRK_BUZZER
tone_alarm was started before the parameters were loaded, and the first
tune was played before that as well. CBRK_BUZZER was then read as default,
ignoring the user-configured value.

We now start tone_alarm after we load the parameters. Note that a
previously published startup tone or SD card error will still be played.
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.github Github templates add support question and documentation issue (#10613) Oct 1, 2018
.vscode vscode add lldb SITL debug launch targets Dec 5, 2018
Documentation Correct trailing whitespaces. Aug 18, 2018
ROMFS rcS tone_alarm: fix CBRK_BUZZER Dec 15, 2018
Tools rcS,rc.serial.jinja:ensure proper unset hygiene Dec 12, 2018
boards nxphlite-v3:SDHC setting is for EMI issue with GPS and FCC (#11029) Dec 13, 2018
cmake Use correct path when looking up df wrapper. Dec 11, 2018
integrationtests/python_src/px4_it mission test temporarily increase landed timeout 60s -> 120s (#10596) Sep 28, 2018
launch CI: add rostest to 'px4' and MAVROS in caktin and colcon builds Dec 13, 2018
mavlink/include/mavlink Update submodule v2.0 to latest Mon Dec 3 00:37:56 UTC 2018 Dec 3, 2018
msg position_setpoint: Change deploy gear to landing gear Dec 10, 2018
platforms readd CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY install for the posix build Dec 13, 2018
posix-configs move dyn_hello to examples and restore testing Nov 26, 2018
src mixer_multirotor: use reduce_only instead of -1000 for yaw thrust red… Dec 13, 2018
test boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
test_data rc: add unit test for CRSF RC Jul 28, 2018
validation module_schema: enforce serial config param names to end in _CONFIG or… Sep 27, 2018
.ackrc ack: add .ackrc to ignore the Documentation directory Apr 11, 2016
.clang-tidy px4_daemon: fixes for clang-tidy Aug 8, 2018
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.gitignore vscode initial configuration (#10911) Dec 5, 2018
.gitmodules move uavcan from modules to drivers Dec 4, 2018
.travis.yml boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
.ycm_extra_conf.py boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Cmake build: do not change CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY if building… Dec 13, 2018
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md Jul 30, 2017
CTestConfig.cmake gather test results Jan 2, 2017
Firmware.sublime-project boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
Jenkinsfile CI: add rostest to 'px4' and MAVROS in caktin and colcon builds Dec 13, 2018
LICENSE Update LICENSE Jun 3, 2018
Makefile mixer multirotor: add to CI Dec 13, 2018
README.md README add FMUv5 pixhawk 4 and pixhawk 4 mini Nov 28, 2018
appveyor.yml appveyor: fix mkdir on existing directory Nov 27, 2018
eclipse.cproject boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
eclipse.project boards new split VENDOR_MODEL naming convention Nov 26, 2018
package.xml PX4 package depends on mav_msgs Jul 13, 2015


PX4 Drone Autopilot

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This repository holds the PX4 flight control solution for drones, with the main applications located in the src/modules directory. It also contains the PX4 Drone Middleware Platform, which provides drivers and middleware to run drones.

PX4 Users

The PX4 User Guide explains how to assemble supported vehicles and fly drones with PX4. See the forum and chat if you need help!

PX4 Developers

This Developer Guide is for software developers who want to modify the flight stack and middleware (e.g. to add new flight modes), hardware integrators who want to support new flight controller boards and peripherals, and anyone who wants to get PX4 working on a new (unsupported) airframe/vehicle.

Developers should read the Guide for Contributions. See the forum and chat if you need help!

Weekly Dev Call

The PX4 Dev Team syncs up on a weekly dev call.

Note The dev call is open to all interested developers (not just the core dev team). This is a great opportunity to meet the team and contribute to the ongoing development of the platform. It includes a QA session for newcomers. All regular calls are listed in the Dronecode calendar.

Maintenance Team

See also About Us (px4.io) and the contributors list (Github).

Supported Hardware

This repository contains code supporting these boards:

Additional information about supported hardware can be found in PX4 user Guide > Autopilot Hardware.

Project Roadmap

A high level project roadmap is available here.