FMUV4Pro / STMF469

Updated Dec 10, 2016

FMUV4Pro related tasks

Airspeed Sensor

Updated Dec 3, 2016

No description

Integration Parrot Bebop

Updated Dec 15, 2016

Enable native use of the PX4 firmware on Parrot Bebop. The Project includes the implementation of drivers, integration of PX4 modules and general setup tasks.

No description

FMUv5 / STM32F7

Updated Dec 6, 2016

This project is for the FMUv5 reference architecture and required OS and driver support.

Build System Update

Updated Dec 3, 2016

We should update the build system in some areas.

NuttX upgrade

Updated Sep 27, 2016

Upgrading to current NuttX master

VTOL Flight Control

Updated Dec 20, 2016

Ongoing efforts on VTOL Flight Control

Obstacle Avoidance API

Updated Sep 27, 2016

We need a way to tell the vehicle to deviate from its current path. This is still entirely open for discussion. A first attempt at doing a message spec has been done here:

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