WIP: Tiltrotor update and Convergence config #6221

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AndreasAntener commented Dec 30, 2016 edited

Behold, the Tiltrotors are coming in 2017 so its time to get ready :)

We couldn't resist converting the E-flite Convergence and put a Pixfalcon in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E61P2f2WPNU

This PR adds the config plus some small updates to Tiltrotor which are required:

  • airspeed less flying support
  • back motor handling improvement (ramp down)
  • using the fixed-wing control surfaces at all times

Build log can be found here: http://px4.io/portfolio/e-flite-convergence/. This PR needs to be tested on master first, will do that next week, also with the Firefly6 to make sure there are no regressions.

What is missing and can be done later:

  • Mixing pitch into the tilt mechanisms

Technical notes:

  • In a first version the pitch/tilt mixing can most likely be done by generalizing the pusher support from standard VTOL.
  • Reviewers will notice the duplication the airspeed mode parameter: I'll change this later and remove the airspeed mode parameter all together from VTOL as it should rather consider the control state and its flags.
  • The open loop time param will later be also used for standard VTOL.
  • The method to control the rear motors is rather crude and we should find a better alternative.
AndreasAntener added some commits Dec 30, 2016
@AndreasAntener AndreasAntener VTOL: added config for the E-flite Convergence
@AndreasAntener AndreasAntener Tiltrotor:
- added open-loop transition time for airspeed-less flying
- added ramping down the back motors during forwards transition


@LorenzMeier LorenzMeier added this to the Release v2.0.0 milestone Dec 31, 2016

This should fix the mixer craziness: #6226

@AndreasAntener AndreasAntener deleted the vtol_convergence branch Jan 4, 2017

Merged via #6245

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