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@dagar dagar released this Dec 17, 2019 · 878 commits to master since this release

Release Notes


  • Multicopter 1 kHz rate loop (param IMU_GYRO_RATEMAX)
  • DShot ESC Support with Telemetry (PR #12854, Docs)
  • Cone-based RTL (Docs)
  • Significantly improved real time system performance
    • new work queue scheduling framework with a thread per physical bus
    • new C++ uORB API (faster, safer, and more memory efficient)
  • new RTF airframes
    • Holybro Kopis 2 (and KakuteF7 board)
    • Holybro S500
    • UVify Draco
    • UVify Draco-R
    • UVify IFO
  • NuttX RTOS upgrade with a number of important bug fixes and performance improvements

Additional Features and Improvements

Migration Guide

  • DEPRECATED: Throttle PID Attenuation (TPA) (PR #13208)


  • the rate controller now runs synchronized with the primary gyro
  • Rate integrator improvements (PR #12296)


  • VTOL front transition heading handling improvements (PR #12630)
  • RTL: By default enable return via landing pattern for deterministic back-transition (PR #12746)
  • VTOL GPS fix bank loiter (PR #12778)

Fixed Wing

  • initial support for new airspeed selector module capable of detecting airspeed sensor faults


  • Enable Offboard support for Rover position control

PX4/ECL - Estimators improvement

  • many bug fixes and robustness improvements
  • Mag inconsistency check (PR #12334)


  • UAVCAN sensor drivers for battery and optical flow

Computer Vision & Autonomy

  • Safe Landing Planner support
  • Collision Prevention Improvements


  • Simulation-In-Hardware (PR #11835, Docs)
  • jMAVSim headless/no-GUI option (jMAVSim PR #105)

Logging improvements

  • AUX1-RC-channel-based logging via SDLOG_MODE (PR #12100)
  • Logging of system bootup messages, and dmesg tool (on boards with enough RAM) (PR #11792)

Onboard computer / middleware improvements

Failsafe / commander improvements


The release includes a change from NuttX-7.28 to NuttX-7.29
See NuttX release notes for the details of changes in NuttX-7.29 details.

Included as backports are:

  • STM32F7 I2C state and interrupt storm fixes.
  • Serial Single wire mode has moved to NuttX
  • Fix for "z" in printf
  • kinetis:i2c transfer ensure correct result returned.
  • kinetis_i2c_transfer released the mutex then fetched the state, this resulted in returning the correct results.
  • STM32F4 and STM32F7 SD card hang on card eject fixed
  • STM32F7 ethernet add timeout on MAC reset

Updated Supported Hardware

  • Holybro Kakute F7 board support (PR #12440, Docs)
  • Kopis 2 Airframe configuration (PR #12549)

v.1.10.0 Changelog

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