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Add new MindPX v2.8 and MindRacer V1.2 hardware

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teapethu committed Oct 31, 2016
1 parent e52c739 commit ee77730f39f2a0ea2a91279ffb3dff810e2ee50c
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@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ The Pixhawk v2 Hardware is the result of a collaboration of the open hardware de

MindPX V2 Hardware

MindPX V2 board (Hardware version: v2.2)

Product brief:
@@ -59,6 +59,46 @@ Revisions against Pixhawk:

Note: MindPX v2.2 supports maximum 6 direct PWM outputs.

New member in MindPX family!
MindPX V2.8 board

Product brief:

Hardware specification:

User manual:

Key features of v2.8:

1. 8 main PWM outputs + 8 aux PWM outputs
2. Dual-redundancy IMU components (onboard HMC5883L compass)
3. Support PPM/SBUS/SPEKTRUM DSM/Satellite RC input
4. Support FrSky/Wifi telemetry
5. One extra I2C port (so can support external compass and px4flow simultaneously)
6. Secondary USB port for companion computer (converted from UART2 using onboard CP2104)
7. nrf/SPI port for SPI devices
8. exposed SWD debug port
9. Built-in vibration dampening for isolated IMU, support hard mount on air frames.
10. LTC2875 as CAN controller (+/- 60V overvoltage fault protection)

MindRacer V1.2 board (Hardware version: v1.2)

Key features of v1.2:
1. 35 x 35mm (30.5 mm mounting holes) ultra mini size, weight only 7g
2. STM32F427 as processor
3. 6 main PWM outputs
4. onboard MPU6500 & HMC5883L
5. dual 2x7 stackable header pins for I/O port replication/expansion
6. optional IMU isolation mounting support
7. Support PPM/SBUS/SPEKTRUM DSM/Satellite RC input
8. Support FrSky/Wifi telemetry
9. onboard RTC batter and TF card slot
10. DroneCode standard compliance connector

Note: MindPX v2.8 & MindRacer v1.2 share same firmware.

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