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ROS2/ROS interface with PX4 through a Fast-RTPS bridge
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px4_ros_com for ROS2

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This package materializes the ROS2 side of PX4-FastRTPS bridge, establishing a bridge between the PX4 autopilot stack through a micro-RTPS bridge, Fast-RTPS and ROS2. It has a straight dependency on the px4_msgs package, as it depends on the ROS interfaces and ROS msgs to generate the micro-RTPS bridge and also build the example nodes.

The master branch of this package composes the ROS2 package and the ROS2 side of the bridge. The ros1 branch is a product of the master and represents the ROS(1) package and the ROS(1) side of the bridge, to which the bridging can be done using the ros1_bridge.

Install, build and usage

Check the RTPS/ROS2 Interface section on the PX4 Devguide for details on how to install the required dependencies, build the package (composed by the two branches) and use them.

Bug tracking and feature requests

Use the Issues section to create a new issue. Report your issue or feature request here.

Questions and troubleshooting

Reach the PX4 development team on the #messaging PX4 Slack channel: Slack

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