The ChromeCast Exploitation Kit
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ChromeCast Exploitation Kit

Controlling ChromeCasts though the command line. Made by Brussec Security with ❤️


  • Python
  • Curl


All you really need to do is install python and curl and clone this repository. But just because I can, here are the commands:

sudo apt-get install python curl
git clone

Usage -t <target> -a <action> -v <value>

Supported actions/commands

  • play : Play a Youtube video with ID specified in the value parameter
  • setName : Set the device name to the value specified in the value parameter
  • scanWifi : Scan nearby Wifi networks
  • reboot : Reboot the device
  • factoryReset : Resets the device to Factory Settings (USE WITH CARE)


Change the device name of a ChromeCast -t -a setName -v "Pablo is my hero"

Play a video (Rick Roll) -t -a play -v dQw4w9WgXcQ

Reboot the ChromeCast -t -a reboot



The idea for this tool came after some guy sent curl requests to publicly-exposed ChromeCasts on the internet to spread PewDiePie propaganda. As this is documented functionality, you can't actually call this an exploit. Although one could wonder why this is possible without a single form of authentication.