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App Boilerplate for Firefox OS
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Firefox OS Boilerplate App

This is a demo app for Firefox OS, loosely based on (Firefox-OS-Boilerplate-App, meant to act as a simple boilerplate for getting started with apps for Firefox OS.

It will give you a button to install it in Firefox OS - on a device, in the Firefox OS Simulator (Simulator Introduction) and in certain Nightly versions of Firefox.

It is a showcase of Web Activities, WebAPI usage, adding offline support and more in Firefox OS!

To add your own icon, I recommend using the Firefox OS app icons style guide.


To test/install this app, download the code and run it on a web server, or navigate to Firefox OS Boilerplate App in Firefox on a device or in the Firefox OS Simulator.

installPackage - Packaged Apps

It also supports installPackage to install a ZIP version of your app with all files packaged. This also gives you access to a few extra APIs, due to a higher security clearance. The repository contains two sample things to make this possible:

  • A mini manifest - the package.manifest file
  • A ZIP version of the app

To enable this, please go to the js/base.js file and change two lines, as described in the comments. Basically, these are the steps needed for packaged apps:

  • Alter the mini manifest (package.manifest) and make sure the "package_path" is absolute
  • ZIP all app content (not containing folder), including regular manifest
  • Developer name and info HAS to match between mini manifest and the regular one
  • Have an installPackage call in JavaScript pointing to the mini manifest
  • Turn on Developer Mode in the Firefox OS Simulator (Settings > Device Information > More Information > Developer > Developer mode)
  • Add type property (e.g." type" : "privileged") in the manifest if you want access to certain APIs (just asking for permissions isn't sufficient)
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