Alzheimer’s Disease Capture Panel Data Release

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SMRT Sequencing data from an Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) targeted enrichment experiment. A custom 35 gene panel containing candidate AD genes was designed in collaboration with IDT using xGen Lockdown Probes. A range of variants including SNPs, insertions and deletions were detected with long-read sequencing of a ~7 KB capture of genomic DNA isolated from brain and skeletal muscle of two AD subjects. Furthermore, phased alleles could be distinguished by leveraging contiguous multi-kilobase reads and heterozygous SNPs. This release contains only the genomic capture sequencing data presented in the 2017 AGBT Poster: “A method for the identification of variants in Alzheimer’s disease candidate genes and transcripts using hybridization capture combined with long-read sequencing.” (

Download Data:

Phasing Consensus Analysis for Targeted Sequencing is available to analyze capture data sets and generate phased consensus allelic sequences ((

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