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Melanoma Cancer Cell Line Iso Seq Data

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The COLO829T melanoma cell line (ATCC CRL-1974, and COLO829BL peripherial blood cell line (ATCC CRL-1980, were obtained from ATCC and cultured as recommended.


  • Library Preparation: Iso-Seq® Express Template Preparation for Sequel® and Sequel® II Systems (no part number yet)

  • Sequencing: Sequel System with Sequel Binding Kit 3.0 (101-500-400) and Sequel Sequencing Kit 3.0 (101-597-900)

  • Run time: 20 hrs pre-extension, 4 movie time per SMRT Cell

  • Analysis: SMRTlink 7.0 "IsoSeq" protocol, followed by mapping to hg38 reference genome and collapsed into non-redundant transcript set. Post-mapping filtering using SQANTI2 software (v2.7,

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