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Sequel II System Data Release: Universal Human Reference (UHR) Iso Seq

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Universal Human Reference RNA (Agilent) + SIRV Isoform Mix E0 (Lexogen)


  • Library prep Iso-Seq Template Preparation for Sequel Systems (PN 101-070-200)
  • Sequencing Sequel System II with "Early Access" binding kit (101-490-800) and chemistry (101-490-900)
  • Run time:
    • 4 hrs. pre-extension
    • 15 hrs. run time per SMRT Cell
  • Reference hs37d5 (GRCh37 with decoy)
  • Analysis SMRTlink 7.0 "IsoSeq With Mapping protocol" with hg38+SIRV combined reference genome


Users are encouraged to work with the mapped, unique transcripts in GFF and FASTQ format provided in the "PolishedMappedTranscripts" subfolder. The two raw movie files are in "subreads" subfolder. The intermediate data, full-length reads, are available in "FullLengthReads" folder.

                        - out.abundance.txt
                        - out.fastq
                        - out.gff

                       - flnc.bam

                       - m64012_181221_231243.subreads.bam
                       - m64012_181221_231243.subreads.bam.pbi
                       - m64012_181222_192540.subreads.bam
                       - m64012_181222_192540.subreads.bam.pbi


Download from China:

URLs and md5 checksums are listed in URLs.txt

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