SMRT Analysis Release Notes v2.0.1

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New Features

  • Now includes Quiver training for DNA/Polymerase P4.
  • Now includes modification detection using the P4/C2 combination with an updated in silico control.
    • Modification identification of 6-methyladenine (6-mA) and 4-methylcytosine (4-mC) is also supported, and is expected to have equivalent performance to previous chemistry releases.
    • Modification identification of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) using TET-treated samples is also supported. However, due to a limited training dataset, this application is not yet optimized for the P4/C2 combination. Future releases of the software are expected to have improved TET-converted 5-mC identification as the in silico control is updated with additional training data.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an Instrument Web Services problem with well status queries. (23191)
  • Removed a time limit to the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) that caused analysis jobs to stop after 12 hours. Any limits must now be placed by your IT department; SMRT® Pipe will not limit the run time. (23312)
  • Fixed an issue where sample barcodes were not working properly with multi-streamed data files (bax.h5), and most barcodes were not being recognized. (23136)
  • Modified HGAP defaults so that partial alignments are allowed and Celera® Assembler will run on a single node.

Known Issues

  • The case-control run scenario for the RS_BaseModification protocol is not functional. The in silico use case is still supported.