SMRT Analysis Release Notes v2.2.0.p3

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The SMRT® Analysis software suite performs assembly and variant detection analysis of sequencing data generated by the Pacific Biosciences® instrument.


For installation instructions, see SMRT® Analysis Software Installation.

Fixed Issues in v2.2.0.p3

  • Fixed an issue that caused Minor Variants jobs using references containing lowercase characters to fail. (25358)
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly caused HGAP jobs to fail for lack of free space. (25326)
  • Fixed an SGE resource issue that caused Iso-Seq jobs to fail. (25301)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Quiver to fail. (25239)
  • Updated the example files located under assembly/seymour/dist/doc/examples. (25162)
  • Fixed an issue that caused fraction methylated estimates to appear downwardly-biased. (25260)
  • The metrics2 web service now returns all values as numeric types. (24951)
  • The metrics2 web service now formats metrics as columns, and jobs as rows. (25032)


  • Improved error-handling in cases where the installation cannot access a DNS server. (25213)
  • Added a check when starting an upgrade or installation to verify that the system uses a GNU/Linux OS running a Linux kernel, is running on a x86_64 (64-bit) machine architecture, and is running libc-2.5 or later. (25379)
  • Fixed an issue where parameters in smrtpipe.rc were not being set correctly for non-SGE job management systems. (25261)

SMRT® Portal

  • Fixed an issue where job metrics displayed in SMRT Portal reports differed from the metrics downloaded in .csv format using the View Data page Metrics button. (25248)

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