A java application to grab DNS packets and write them to a gzip file in DNSAuth log format
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DNS pcap distiller (DPD) java application to grab DNS packets and write them to a file in the DNSAuth log format.

Installation and Running



This project depends on Jpcap and its JNI library libjpcap. Refer to the Jpcap documentation for information on building the library for your system.

Note for MacOS X users: You may need to edit the JNI_INCLUDE2 variable in src/main/c/Makefile. The snippet below should work.

ifeq ($(PLATFORM), Darwin)
    JNI_INCLUDE2 = $(JAVA_DIR)/include/darwin 
    COMPILE_OPTION = -bundle -framework JavaVM
    SUFFIX = .jnilib


Via Compiling

  1. Install prerequisites per above
  2. Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/Packet-Clearing-House/DNS-pcap-distiller
  3. Edit the config file src/main/resources/application.yml
  4. Compile and generate the executable jar mvn package
  5. Start DNS-pcap-distiller: java -jar target/dns-pcap-distiller-1.0.0.jar

Note that the maven build file assumes that the Jpcap repository has been cloned into a sibling directory. You will need to set the jpcap.dir property if this assumption does not hold.

Via downloading pre-compiled .jar

  1. Install prerequisites per above
  2. Go to the DPD website and download the latest version
  3. Download the config file from github and edit it to your match your environment
  4. Start DNS-pcap-distiller: java -jar dns-pcap-distiller-1.0.0.jar

Note - You will need to gzip and send these files to your DNSAuth instance.


We welcome pull requests! Please fork this repository, test your code locally, commit it and open a pull request.

Ubuntu Dev Quick Start

We test using Ubuntu 16.04, an endless loop bash script to simulate client DNS queries and an instance of Pi-Hole to receive and respond to queries. To bootstrap your dev environment you can run:

curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Packet-Clearing-House/DNS-pcap-distiller/master/dev/ubuntu16DevProvision.sh | bash

If you want to inspect the contents of this bash script, feel free to manually copy it from here and review before running it.

The script allows you to send ~5 queries/second by default. Assuming your name server is, that'd look like this:


There's a sleep and multiplier option too. Sleep defaults to 1.0 seconds and the multiplier defaults to 1x. Here's two other examples:

./lotsOfDnsQueries.sh 0.5   #  0.5 sleep, 1x multiplier 

./lotsOfDnsQueries.sh 0 100 #  0 sleep, 100x multiplier

If you need to see queries and responses in real time to debug, us this tcpdump command:

tcpdump -l -nttttv -i any  port 53 and not dst and not src


The application may throw an error when attempting to resolve the local host name. The following message can be ignored.

java.net.UnknownHostException: <hostname>: <hostname>: Name or service not known
        at java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost(...)


DNS-pcap-distiller is licensed under MIT.