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Pychievements: The Python Achievements Framework!

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Pychievements is a framework for creating and tracking achievements within a Python application. It includes functions specifically for creating command line applications, though it is flexible enough to be used for any application such as web applications.

See the examples to get a good feel for what Pychievements offers. Documentation can be found RTD:


  • Create Achievements with any number of "goals" (based on levels) that can be reached
  • Flexible design makes it easy to customize the way levels are tracked
  • Easy to add new achievements later
  • Pluggable backend for storing tracked information in different formats to different locations
  • Achievements can be filtered by category or keywords
  • Easily specify "Icons" for individual goals within an achievement for dual states (achieved and unachieved)


A simple achievement.

class MyAchievement(Achievement):
    name = "My Achievement"
    category = "achievements"
    keywords = ("my", "achievement")
    goals = (
        {"level": 10, "name": "Level 1", "icon":, "description": "Level One"},
        {"level": 20, "name": "Level 2", "icon":, "description": "Level Two"},
        {"level": 30, "name": "Level 3", "icon":, "description": "Level Three"},

Increment a level for a user.

tracker.increment(user_id, MyAchievment)

Re-evaluating a level for a user based on arguments (requires the evaluate function to be defined or the Achievement).

tracker.evaluate(user_id, MyAchievement, some, extra, args)

Retrieve achievements.

tracker.achievements()                # retrieves all registered achievements in the tracker
tracker.achieved(uid, achievement)    # all achieved goals by uid for achievement
tracker.unachieved(uid, achievement)  # all unachieved goals by uid for achievement
tracker.current(uid, achievement)     # goal currently being worked torwards by uid


To install pychievements, simply:

$ pip install pychievements


Pychievements is licensed under the MIT License, see the LICENSE.


If you'd like to contribute, simply fork the repository, commit your changes to the master branch (or branch off of it), and send a pull request. Make sure you add yourself to AUTHORS.


  • More backends
  • More icons