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Code Repository for Implementing Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V, published by Packt
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Implementing Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V [Video]

This is the code repository for Implementing Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V [Video], published by Packt. It contains all the supporting project files necessary to work through the video course from start to finish.

About the Video Course

Hyper-V is Microsoft's hardware virtualization product and it will let you create and run software on a virtual machine. It’s more cost effective in most scenarios, because it more efficiently utilizes physical server resources.

In this course, you’ll see how to implement Hyper-V to reduce software licensing costs and free up your staff time. You’ll see how to install the Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V role and deploy virtual networks, virtual hard drives, and virtual machines.

Moving on, you’ll discover the best practices for a virtual machine and virtual hard drive storage. We’ll give you detailed guidance on how to attain high performance by leveraging Hyper-V virtual network adapter features and virtual machine configuration.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to deploy a Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V server. You’ll deploy and configure virtual switches, virtual hard drives, and virtual machines.

What You Will Learn

  • Successfully deploy a Hyper-V server and related management services and interfaces
  • Create virtual networks and add virtual networks to an existing virtual local area network (VLAN)
  • Deploy highly available virtual hard drives for Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Manage virtual machine deployment and migration between Hyper-V servers
  • Manage virtual machines, including checkpoints and virtual machine state, and execute PowerShell script from the Hyper-V server

Instructions and Navigation

Assumed Knowledge

To fully benefit from the coverage included in this course, you will need:
No prior knowledge

Technical Requirements

This course has the following software requirements:
Minimum Hardware Requirements For successful completion of this course, students will require a computer system with at least the following:

OS: Windows Server 2019

Processor: Two-core CPU

Memory: 8GB

Storage: 40GB

Recommended Hardware Requirements For an optimal experience with hands-on labs and other practical activities, we recommend the following configuration:

OS: Windows Server 2019

Processor: Quad-core or dual CPU

Memory: 12GB

Storage: 40GB on SSD

Software Requirements

Operating system: Windows Server 2019

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