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sensible local interpretations

Note: this repo is actively maintained. For any questions please file an issue.

This project aims to provide a way to interpret individual predictions made by a model in terms of 3 things: (1) uncertainty, (2) contribution, and (3) sensitivity. The methods here are model-agnostic and fast. The main source code is in the sli folder.


  1. uncertainty
    • in addition to original model, train model with one class upweighted, one class downweighted
    • use these additional models to get info about uncertainty (mostly aleatoric)
    • can define uncertainty as overconfident prediction - underconfident prediction
  2. ICE-sensitivity
    • how does changing this feature change the prediction, holding all other features constant?
  3. ICE-contribution
    • how does this prediction differ from a typical prediction?


The outcome allows for an interactive exploration of how a model makes its prediction: demo.

Install with pip install git+


X : ndarray
    Training data, used to properly sample the curves for the interpretation
feature_names: list[str]
            Feature names, only used for plotting, returning tables

Given one trained model and explaining one instance:

from sli import Explainer
explainer = Explainer(X)
expl_dict = explainer.explain_instance(x, model.predict_proba, return_table=False)
explainer.viz_expl(expl_dict, filename='out.html')

Given a list of three models (with the best model in the middel of the list):

from sli import Explainer
explainer = Explainer(X_train, feature_names=feature_names)
explainer.calc_percentiles(models[0].predict_proba, models[1].predict_proba, 
expl_dicts = [expl_dicts.append(explainer.explain_instance(x, models[i].predict_proba, 
              class_num, return_table=False)) for i in range(3)]
explainer.viz_expl(expl_dicts[1], [expl_dicts[0], expl_dicts[2]], 
                   show_stds=True, # display stddevs for the feature importances
                   point_id='', # display id of this point
                   filename='out.html') # saves to fully-contained interactive html file


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