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(defvar hsenv-active-environment nil)
(defconst hsenv-path-prepend-file "path_var_prependix")
(defconst hsenv-ghc-package-path-file "ghc_package_path_var")
(defun hsenv-valid-dirp (hsenv-dir)
(let ((valid (and (file-accessible-directory-p hsenv-dir)
(file-readable-p (concat hsenv-dir hsenv-path-prepend-file))
(file-readable-p (concat hsenv-dir hsenv-ghc-package-path-file)))))
(when (not valid)
(message "The environment you provided is not a valid hsenv directory (%s)." hsenv-dir))
(defun hsenv-is-not-active ()
(let ((is-not-active (not hsenv-active-environment)))
(when (not is-not-active)
(message "An hsenv is already activated (%s)." (assoc-default 'dir hsenv-active-environment)))
(defun hsenv-is-active ()
(let ((is-active hsenv-active-environment))
(when (not is-active)
(message "No hsenv currently activated."))
(defun hsenv-read-file-content (hsenv-dir file)
(insert-file-contents (concat hsenv-dir file))
(defun hsenv-activate-environment (hsenv-dir)
"Activate the Virtual Haskell Environment in directory HSENV-DIR"
(when (and (hsenv-valid-dirp hsenv-dir)
; Create an hsenv active environment and backup paths
(setq hsenv-active-environment (list `(path-backup . ,(getenv "PATH"))
`(exec-path-backup . ,exec-path)
`(dir . ,hsenv-dir)))
; Prepend paths
(let* ((path-prepend (hsenv-read-file-content hsenv-dir hsenv-path-prepend-file)))
(setenv "PATH" (concat path-prepend ":" (getenv "PATH")))
(setq exec-path (append (split-string path-prepend ":") exec-path)))
; Set ghc-package
(setenv "GHC_PACKAGE_PATH" (hsenv-read-file-content hsenv-dir hsenv-ghc-package-path-file))))
(defun hsenv-deactivate ()
"Deactivate the Virtual Haskell Environment"
(when (hsenv-is-active)
; Restore paths
(setenv "PATH" (assoc-default 'path-backup hsenv-active-environment))
(setq exec-path (assoc-default 'exec-path-backup hsenv-active-environment))
; Destroy the hsenv active environment
(setq hsenv-active-environment nil)))
(defun hsenv-activate-dir (dir)
(let ((environments (hsenv-list-environments dir)))
(if (null environments)
(message "Directory %s does not contain any hsenvs." dir)
(let* ((env-name (if (= 1 (length environments))
(car environments)
(completing-read "Environment:" environments)))
(hsenv-dir-name (concat dir ".hsenv_" env-name))
(hsenv-dir (file-name-as-directory hsenv-dir-name)))
(hsenv-activate-environment hsenv-dir)))))
(defun hsenv-list-environments (dir)
(let ((hsenv-dirs (file-expand-wildcards (concat dir ".hsenv_*"))))
(mapcar (lambda (hsenv-dir) (substring hsenv-dir (+ 7 (length dir)))) hsenv-dirs)))
(defun hsenv-activate (&optional select-dir)
"Activate a Virtual Haskell Environment"
(interactive "P")
(if (or select-dir
(null (hsenv-list-environments default-directory)))
(hsenv-activate-dir (read-directory-name "Directory:"))
(hsenv-activate-dir default-directory)))
(provide 'hsenv)
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