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PaddoInWonderland's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot. Red-DiscordBot is a multipurpose bot for Discord developed by Twentysix26. To submit an idea for a cog, DM me on discord. You can always find me at the official server for Red. You can also find me at the official support server for Red-DiscordBot here:

Sadly, making and maintaining these cogs costs time, but no money. They're all made in my free time when I'm not doing anything else. But if you have PayPal, and you like my cogs, would you kindly think about donating some spare change by following the following link: I thank you. :)


To install the cogs, Follow the given steps:

Step 1 - Adding the repo.

To add the repo, type this into the chat:

[p]cog repo add paddo-cogs

Then type,"I agree".

Step 2 - Adding the cog.

To add the cog, type this into the chat:

[p]cog install paddo-cogs [cog_name]

If it has any library dependencies, type pip3 install [library_name] in git.

Once the module has loaded up, type yes.