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A web and mobile app experience from the perspective of the ISS crew. Showcasing your current location on Earth. Utilising Google maps and Google Earth for the mapping, alongside the Open.Notify API for live ISS location data.

Part of the Space Apps Challenge / Spot the ISS. Challenge Project Page can be found here.

Google Earth Version

Located in earth/

Suitable for desktop web browsers.

Demo at

Google Maps Version

Located in phone/

Suitable for smartfones.

Demo at

About Geolocation

Cupola Rider is using the html5 geolocation service. This is not supported by all browsers. If supported it might still not give you current location either. In this case your location is not going to be shown on Earth and you will be taken directly to the ISS Cupola module.


You may use Cupola-Rider under the terms of the MIT License