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The pages of L<> are generated by these scripts and

=head1 Developers page

1) add an ini file in the F<data/developers/> directory

2) add the nickname to the developers: section of F<data/stash.yml>

=head1 Translators page

1) add an ini file in the F<data/translators/> directory

2) add the nickname to the translators: section of F<data/stash.yml>

The idea is that everyone involved (including translators, packagers, testers etc.)
adds themselves to the developers page in English.
The translators page should be written in the respective languages of the
relevant people.

=head1 About page

The list of blog entries is maintained manually in F<data/stash.yml>.

=head1 Build system

To setup the environment for building the site perform the following actions:
    1) Make sure you have the latest sources by choosing  "SVN Update" on the root folder
    2) Open a command prompt Start-->Run-->CMD-->"Enter"
       To  install the parent, Template tooklkit run
       "cpan parent Template Text::Unaccent::PurePerl autodie IPC::System::Simple"
       (On the current server we use the 'system-perl' and only install modules using aptitude. as Text::Unaccent::PurePerl
        is not available for this Ubuntu system, we have included a copy of the .pm file in the lib/ directory)

       Use the default settings (when asked questions like about XS just press "Enter")
    2) When the above is finished run the follwing "cpan Path::Class"
    3) When the above is finished run the follwing "cpan YAML::Tiny"
    *  The environment is now ready

The site is generated by running
(run the following from the root folder \ in the root of your source code, e.g."D:\Padre\")

    perl Makefile.PL
    make manifest

    perl --sourcedir . --destdir ~/public_html/
    ** Explanation of the above comand:
    ** "perl" means run the script called using perl in order to generate the site's pages bassed on templates and so on.
    ** "--sourcedir ." means that the source code to use during building the site will be taken from the directory from which you are running the perl command.
    ** "--destdir ~/public_html/" means that the destination folder to which the site's pages to bu generated will be the path you entered.
    ./Build test
    ./Build install
    ./Build realclean

=head1 Explanation of directories

    documentroot/  contains static files
    tt/            contains the Template Toolkit templates
    resources/     contains source files that are used to manually generate some
                   of the files in the documentroot/ directory.

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