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1x ESP32 raw module with breakout Board

You will need a Raw ESP 32 Module. It's a lot easier if you solder it to a breakout Board. So Buy a ESP 32 with Breakout Board. Don't buy a ESP 32 DEV module. These have voltage regulators and other stuff on Board which consume a lot of energy! Hint: If it has a USB Port.... it's the wrong one ;)

1x BME280 temperature Sensor

2x 4.7 kOhm resistor

1x 10 µF capacitor

Used for the ESP32

1x 0.1 µF capacitor

Used for the BME280

1x 18650 LiFePo4 Battery

Use a LiFePo4 Battery. These are special because of the Voltage of 3.2v Do not use a typical 3.6V LiIon Cell. It may kill your ESP.

1x 18650 Battery tray

1x PCB

Some cables and so on...