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An abstraction layer for WPDB.

Love WordPress I started looking for a composer package to abstract working with the WPDB the way we work with databases on other PHP projects.

None met my expectations, some try to skip the WBDP and write SQL on their own. WPDB is robust enough, I just want a wrapper that makes read and writing code easier.

The Query class is a container for static methods to instantiate every class (Post, MetaField, Taxonomy) related to the DB.

You can use WPExpress/Query to simplify your interactions with the WPDB and make your code easier to read and write.

Run a DB Query for Custom Post Type BOOKS, and limit to 5 results

function getFiveBooksPermalinks()
    $list = array();
    $fiveBooks = Query::Custom('book')->limit(5)->get();

    foreach($fiveBooks as $post)
        $list[] = get_permalink($post->ID);
    return $list;

Run a DB Query to get 5 posts

    $Posts = Posts()->limit(5)->get();

    foreach($Posts as $post)
        // TODO: Write your code here

Road Map

Next minor

  • Add methods insert, save and delete to Post class
  • Develop methods for User class
    • insert
    • save
    • delete
    • resetPassword
    • get, get first, get last
    • getAll
    • getByMeta
    • getByEmail
  • Add method Query::User. Returns an instance of User