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# PagerDuty Agent Config
# How often the send queue is checked and events sent to PagerDuty
send_interval_secs = 10
# How often the cleanup is run on the send queue
# The default is 3 hours (= 10800 seconds)
cleanup_interval_secs = 10800
# How old events must be before they are cleaned up
# The default is 1 week (= 604800 seconds)
cleanup_threshold_secs = 604800
# How many seconds to back off events in a service key every time a
# backoff-eligible situation occurs (e.g. throttling of service key, errors in
# sending out events of service key.)
backoff_interval_secs = 60
# Maximum number of times to retry an event in a service key when errors occur,
# before any potential stringent action, like marking an event as bad, happens.
# (Note: only applicable to errors, not when service keys are throttled by
# PagerDuty.)
retry_limit_for_possible_errors = 60
# Source address used when connecting to PagerDuty. Use if you want to
# let your OS choosing the source address automaticaly.
# NOTE - ignored on python2.6 envs
source_address =