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Twitter Trend Alert System

Track any Twitter keyword, mention, or retweet in real-time and instantly alert you via email, SMS, or phone if the keywords are trending.

This should take you 40 minutes or less and with minimal coding knowledge. For a full guide of the system, please checkout the blog post:


Install Libraries

This project uses tweepy and datadogpy.

For quick installment, simply run the following command in cmd/terminal:

  pip install -r requirements.txt

Configuring API Keys

  1. Rename the file to
  2. Enter the necessary API keys within the file.

Keyword Setup

Note: During initial setup, I recommend keeping the default keyword in order to verify that the whole system works.

You can add the Twitter keywords that you want to track in the file

If you want to track multiple keywords, do as following:

keywords = ['lebron', 'toronto raptors', 'nba']


Run python in terminal and you should start seeing filtered tweets.

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