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How To Contribute

Reporting Bugs

  1. Ensure the bug was not already reported by checking the open issues
  2. If you're unable to find an open issue addressing the problem open a new issue
  3. Provide relevant information about the bug including a title, clear description, and code samples when possible

Requesting Features

  1. Provide a title, clear description, code samples, graphics (flow charts, wireframes, etc), or external references in order to help others understand what you're requesting
  2. Actively engage in discussion with others

Once a feature has been researched and discussed a milestone will be assigned. The milestone will determine if the feature will be branched off of the develop branch or a long term wip/ branch.

Pull Requests

  1. Pull the current development branch or the new version you wish to contribute towards
  2. Create a new branch using the applicable naming convention:
    • hotfix/branch-name for bug fixes
    • feature/branch-name for features
    • wip/papertrain-0.x for new versions
  3. Do the work
  4. Commit your changes using the closing issues keyword
    • Closes #XXX - brief description of changes
  5. Submit a PR merging your branch into develop
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