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Zabbix ECS Templates

This is a template and script that will allow you to monitor ECS clusters and their services in Zabbix.

This started from datorama's RDS monitoring script and template:

For ECS, some namespace and dimension changes were needed, and I added support for Low-Level Discovery of container services.


  • Zabbix Server (tested with 4.0.1, but should work with any 3.x).
  • Installed on the server:
    • Python (tested with 2.7, will probably need a few changes to work with python3).
    • boto3 library for Python (, use pip install boto3).
  • IAM user credentials with read access to CloudWatch metrics. You have two choices on how to provide them to the script:
    • You can store them server-side using the instructions in the boto3 documentation. Note that the script will be running as the zabbix user.
    • You can also store them as Zabbix macros. If you do this, it is strongly recommended that you create a separate IAM user with read-only permissions (you can even limit it as far as allowing only "cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics", if you're particularly paranoid). This is because the access and secret keys will be stored in plaintext on the Zabbix Server and may be visible in Latest Data views and alert emails, depending on your configuration.

Installation and Setup:

  • Copy the script to your Zabbix externalscripts directory (usually /usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts, but check your Zabbix Server configuration if you're not sure). Make sure it has executible permissions.
  • Import the ecs_template_zabbix_4.0.xml template into your Zabbix Server.
  • Create a host matching the ClusterName of your ECS cluster and attach the "Template Host AWS ECS" template to it.
  • Set up the AWS credentials and default region either server-side (for the zabbix user) or as macros attached to your host. If you're doing it with macros, make sure to set:
    • {$REGION}

A few considerations:

  • The Low-Level Discovery currently runs every 60 seconds. That might be far too frequent for a production system where the service list isn't expected to change.
  • There are no triggers. If you'd like alarms when utilization gets high, feel free to add some.

TODO for the Author:

  • Look at some real-world data and set up some sample triggers!


Zabbix ECS Templates




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