Warning: the extension has been deleted from the chrome webstore as it is no longer useful after google reader integration with google+. This extension added a button to the toolbar which allowed you to quickly add the current page you are reading to your Google Reader Notes.
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Published to Chrome Web Store!

This extension adds a button to the toolbar which allows you to quickly add the current page you are reading to your Google Reader Notes. This can be useful to share it with friends or simply to read it later (the default behavior can be customised via options). Adding notes to Google Reader is now one click away with this extension if you want to automatically submit the note when you click the button (also customisable in options).

If you use Google Reader, there is a function that allows you to share not only an article from your subscribed feeds but also any page you find on the Internet. To use it you have to create a link in your bookmarks.

This Chrome extension gives you access to this feature without having to use your bookmarks.

Once this extension is installed, you just have to select a text in a web page and then click on the button associated to the extension. A popup will then be displayed and you will be able to add a shared item in Reader. The item will be shared with your friends if you want it to and it will contain the selected text, your comment and a link to the page.

I use it mainly as a Read It Later or Instapaper equivalent (so with sharing disable by default and auto submission activated) because I can stick with Google Reader which is already integrated in my daily workflow on all my devices and there is no need to sign up for an account on another service.

It is quite similar to the Google Reader: Note in Reader (Unofficial) by did.hoarau but as it was broken, was missing some features to be useful for me and wasn't updated since 2009 I thought it was time to release another one.

Feel free to send me feedbacks, ideas, bugs or translations for your language!

Special Thanks:
 * Hoarau
 * Julien Muniak
 * Webdesigner Depot (http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/)