Code Examples for blitz plus from Blitz Research
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2D Map Editor Data to
2D map editor to code -
Create Listbox and Remove Item at index
Example - Find the
Example - Game
Example - Roaming ai which
Painting Brush - Smudge -
Painting Program - CTRL pick color -
Painting Program - Cls -
Painting Program - Cursor move color index -
Painting Program - Icons -
Painting Program - Mirror Draw -
Painting Program - Outline fill -
Painting Program-Darken-Brighten Color -
Painting brush - Nornal -
Painting brush - Shading Mode -
Painting brush - scatter
Painting program - Floodfill
Painting program - Line drawing
Painting program - Protected colors -
Painting program - Unlimited Undo
Painting-brush- Explode-Destroy
RPG 2D scrolling multi
RPG-2d-Template fixed
Sprite Editor 16x16 to monkey-x
Sprite Editor 48x48 - 11
Tabber and Textarea and Canvas
WIndow and Canvas and Tick event
WIndow and Textarea and
Window and TextArea Linefeed


Here are examples I made for blitz plus. 

Blitz plus is from Blitz Research.
A free windows game/tool programming language