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Paladins API (PHP)

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This PHP package came from the need to have a well documented, functional package to help communicate with the Paladins developer API. This package is built using Laravel 5 components and has not been tested outside of that environment.


$ composer require paladinsdev/php-api


There are two ways of using the class, however only 1 recommended. The singleton method is used on Paladins Ninja and handles hundreds of thousands a matches a day.

Recommended (Singleton)

use PaladinsDev\PHP\PaladinsAPI;

class  YourClass
	public function getSomePlayer()
		$playerDetails =  PaladinsAPI::getInstance('YourDevId', 'YourDevAuthKey', $cacheDriver)->getPlayer('SomePlayer');

Using This Method (Laravel)

Laravel makes it very easy to use singletons using the resolve() helper. Open up the app.php file in the bootstrap folder at the root of your project directory and add the following piece of code.

$app->singleton('PaladinsAPI', function($app) {
	return PaladinsDev\PHP\PaladinsAPI::getInstance(env('PALADINS_DEVID'), env('PALADINS_AUTHKEY'), $cacheDriver);

This assumes you have two environment variables PALADINS_DEVID and PALADINS_AUTHKEY. You can edit this however you like. You use it by calling resolve('PaladinsAPI') and then use it just like a normal instance of a class.

Not Recommended

This is not recommended as Hi-Rez / Evil Mojo only allows so many sessions a day and the more sessions you create, the quicker you'll get to reaching that limit. Caching should be able to handle this method...but it's still not recommended.


use PaladinsDev\PHP\PaladinsAPI;
class YourClass
	private $api;

	public function __construct()
		$this->api = new PaladinsAPI('YourDevId', 'YourDevAuthKey', $cacheDriver);

	public function getSomePlayer()
		$playerDetails = $this->api->getPlayer('SomePlayer');

Cache Driver

To uncouple the Laravel/Iluminate framework from the package, we've taken a page from TeamReflex's book and integrated Onoi Cache.

You can pass the driver as the 3rd parameter of the constructor or getInstance method.

Illuminate Driver


composer require halfpetal/illuminate-onoi-cache


use Halfpetal\Onoi\Illuminate\Cache;
use lluminate\Cache\Repository;

$cacheDriver = new Cache(app(Repository::class));
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