The Pale Moon Add-ons Site
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Project Phoebus

This repository contains the code for the Pale Moon Add-ons Site.


  • LIVE - This branch represents exactly what is on the server.
  • RELEASE - This branch contains the current release of the software. Until Phoebus 2.0 takes administration burdon off the repository, this branch should be used for additions and deletions of the database arrays.
  • PHOEBUS_X.x - These branches contain previous versions of the software.
  • xxx-WORK - These are temporary feature branches and will come and go as development progresses.
  • TRUNK - This branch is where primary development of the software takes place.
  • CMSMS - This branch contains materal and prototype scripts that were used during the CMS Made Simple Hybrid setup.
  • This Branch - Contains this readme and any other supplemental materal.


The operational code contained in this repository is licenced under the Mozilla Public Licence version 2.0.

However, this does not cover assets such as images, stylesheets, javascript, or html markup which are copyright, trademark, and/or intellectual property of their respective owners unless otherwise stated.