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  • area map
  • quest drop detail page
  • equipment pagedown
  • unit character page (avatar & skill data)
  • max level characters data table
  • PVP solution create, search and share (in develop)
  • monsters page
  • unit character equipment per rank
  • Beautify all pages
  • Gacha Simulator
  • International (in develop)
  • Wiki like edit and user account system


Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki Website On Azure is synced with repo's master branch and should be used only for develop. is the production site, updated manually by myself.

For Developers

Database and static files are not contained in this repo, you should grab and plce it by yourself.


Go to your android /data/data/ you could find a file named sha1("master.mdb"), this is the sqlite database. place it any where in project and edit DATABASES in

Static files

Use AssetStudio to unpack resource in /data/data/
Place it where you want and add it into STATICFILES_DIRS.