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An "About me" page

The first page to a brand new website.

It's always said that making a website without content is useless but I still wanted to make that website. So, I am using content I am sure about. The code already here is also the boiler plate to more pages and content. At least there is something on this domain name now.

What is it made of?

  • NuxtJS (VueJS): templates and script
  • SCSS (CSS): styles in standalone files. Not really one-file components (just yet), but I could try reusing the classes to apply styles using the script part. I think having a dedicated file is still better, and the integration in the Vue Component would allow cleaner code. The Component's navigation.scss peripheral file would only be used in components such as Navigation.vue and imported in said file.

What will there be?

A lot.

Static content Dynamic content "External content"
About me page Blog Pics from Instagram
Contact page Photo Portfolio Pics from Unsplash ? (So you can actually use them)
Licence of my content Unsplash Gallery (via API) All my profiles on the Internet
credit for libraries I used Instragram Gallery (from API)
Maybe a Porfolio for my personal projects or projects I contributed to

Can I help you?

It would be great! I am coding in my room and I don't have insights from seniors in a company. So you can use the Issue tracker to get me new ideas, tell me what does not work or bother you (I am really trying).

You could also track what I might be working on using this board.

Libraries and Methodologies I use and their docs

That's it!


It's basically my website. At least, the boilerplate of it


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