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Talawa is a modular open source project to manage group activities of both non-profit organizations and businesses.

Core features include:

  1. Membership management
  2. Groups management
  3. Event registrations
  4. Recurring meetings
  5. Facilities registrations

talawa is based on the original quito code created by the [Palisadoes Foundation][pfd] as part of its annual Calico Challenge program. Calico provides paid summer internships for Jamaican university students to work on selected open source projects. They are mentored by software professionals and receive stipends based on the completion of predefined milestones. Calico was started in 2015. Visit The Palisadoes Foundation's website for more details on its origin and activities.

Table of Contents

Talawa Components

talawa has these major software components:

  1. talawa: A mobile application with social media features
  2. talawa-api: An API providing access to user data and features
  3. talawa-admin: A web based administrative portal
  4. talawa-docs: The online documentation website


  1. You can install the software for this repository using the steps in our file.
  2. Do you want to contribute to our code base? Look at our file to get started. There you'll also find links to:
    1. Our code of conduct documentation in the file.
    2. How we handle the processing of new and existing issues in our file.
    3. The methodologies we use to manage our pull requests in our file.
  3. The talawa documentation can be found at our site.
    1. It is automatically generated from the markdown files stored in our Talawa-Docs GitHub repository. This makes it easy for you to update our documenation.


  1. Visit our YouTube Channel playlists for more insights
    1. The "Getting Started - Developers" videos are extremely helpful for new open source contributors.