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Palladium OS

An AOSP based project


Palladium OS

Palladium OS is a Custom ROM based on Android 11/12/12L and the element palladium. Palladium OS is a community-driven OS. Anyone can request or remove a feature. This flexible system is implemented by a system app,the PalladiumOS-Community with which the users can interact/create polls and posts for discussion. Lastly, this is complemented by the Meteor Drop OTAs. These are exclusive OTAs which add new features and easter eggs inside the OS based on the suggestions from pdC. Enough pondering now, hop in and experience Android at its finest!

Quick Starters:

  1. Manifest Repository: Visit this repository for knowing how to sync the source code.

  2. Palladium OS Devices: Visit this organisation to go through the trees (Device, Vendor and Kernel) of the official devices.

  3. Palladium OS Forum: If you haven't found your device in the above organization, then apply from in here and become an offical maintainer for your device.

Important Links:

  1. Download Site
  2. Forums
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Telegram Channel
  7. Telegram group


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