UNMAINATINED. Alternative to the standard "yesod init".
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This package present an alternative for the standard yesod init. It was modified to my taste and needs and as such might not be suitable for your taste or needs.

The application contains simple login system utilizing yesod-auth. I tried to avoid what other Yesod based sites that I found (e.g. haskellers.com) did with yesod-auth, that is they wrapped almost all User (or similar type) fields in Maybe so that they could circumvent the limitations of the yesod-auth implementation of third party authetication services that make implementing registration feel unnatural. I did it by having separate Identity and Profile tables. Ideal solution would have these two tables merged (even though having them separate might be advatageous in some cases). Let me know if you know how to achieve that with yesod-auth without resorting to Maybe hacks.


  • src/Main.hs This module contains the main function. This is analogous to devel.hs + main.hs of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site.hs This is analogous to Application.hs of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Common.hs This module contains some convenience functions and reexpors some widely used types and functions.

  • src/Site/Core.hs This module contains definition of the underlying data type Environment and instances of the following classes: Yesod, YesodAuth, YesodPersist, RenderMessage. This is analogous to Foundation.hs of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Settings.hs This is analogous to Settings.hs of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Static.hs This is analogous to Settings/Static.hs of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Model/Schema.hs This module defines the schema of the database. This is analogous to Model.hs + config/models of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Model/Type This folder contains modules that reexport parts of src/Site/Model/Schema.hs for convenience.

  • src/Site/Controller/Routes.hs This module defines the routes of the application. This is analogous to config/routes of the original yesod init.

  • src/Site/Controller/Form This folder contains modules that define various forms.

  • src/Site/Controller/Handler This folder contains modules taht define the site's handlers and some convenience modules (namely src/Site/Controller/Common.hs).