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Gameboy Cartridge Dumper

This is a rom that loads its main loop into ram on the Gameboy, lets you swap cartridges and then will dump the contents of that cartridge via a link cable to a Raspberry Pi listening for the ROM data.

Currently tested using an EMS 64M flashcart and both a Gameboy pocket and Gameboy Color.


Running in BGB


  • Build a ROM showing text on the screen using RGBDS
    • Test it works on real hardware
  • Copy code to RAM and test running from there works in an emulator
    • Test it works on real hardware
    • Add function to fix JUMP and CALL commands once code is moved to RAM
  • Read and display the title from the cartridge header
  • Test swapping cartridges works on real hardware
  • Test for the Nintendo logo like the boot ROM does to see if a valid cart is plugged in
  • Read joypad data
    • Read only what's needed when I need it
  • Test serial connection works
  • Dump cartridge data over seial port when Start pressed
    • Support basic 32K cartridge
    • Support ROM banking
      • MBC1
      • MBC2
      • MBC3
      • MBC5
    • Support SRAM reading
    • Add support for checking the data was properly recieved
    • Screen display dump progress
      • Add stat check in TX loop, only display if clear. No need to loop-block
    • Option to dump using external clock
      • Would need a re-work of the post-TX delay timer code
  • Add other dumping methods
    • View hex on screen
    • QR Code (wildcard)
  • Add more of a menu instead of debug tiles
    • Show more cart info
    • Nice dump process bar
    • Menu for dump methods
    • Menu for what to dump (rom/save)
    • Option to boot the cart that's plugged in
      • Works on DMG
      • Works on CGB (need to make cart CGB compatible)

To Build

Get RGBDS (Rednex Game Boy Development System) and run make. The makefile assembles, links and fixes creating a file to use.

To Use

Copy the rom to a flash-cart, run it on a Gameboy, carefully remove the flashcart once it's running, carefully (slowly, sometimes going too fast will reboot the Gameboy) put a new cartridge in and then wait for the cartridge title to be shown on screen.

Once connected to a running listener via the link cable you can press Start on the Gameboy and it will send the cartridge data to the listener.


🎮 Gameboy ROM for cartridge dumping







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