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#ifndef PortsState_h
#define PortsState_h
#include "Arduino.h"
class PortsState {
PortsState(String dateTime,
int value0,
int value1,
int value2,
int value3,
int value4,
int value5);
void setSensor0(int value);
void setSensor1(int value);
void setSensor2(int value);
void setSensor3(int value);
void setSensor4(int value);
void setSensor5(int value);
void setDate(String date);
int getSensor0();
int getSensor1();
int getSensor2();
int getSensor3();
int getSensor4();
int getSensor5();
String getDate();
double getPortsAverage();
int sensor0;
int sensor1;
int sensor2;
int sensor3;
int sensor4;
int sensor5;
String _date;
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