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Nearly 7 months in the making, it's the much anticipated v1.3.0 Beta release of PancakePainter for your PancakeBot!

PancakePainter 1.3.0 Beta

New Features:

  • Automatic image tracing - This incredible new feature allows importing raster web images for automatic creation of pancake compatible drawings. It's not perfect, but it's a giant leap forward in pancake creation technology. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.
  • 3773148 - Add support for fill aware path ordering, to ensure that fills and strokes are done in a more pancake appropriate way.
  • New Settings/Export windows - The old "Advanced Settings" window has been partially combined with a new post file pick export window that allows for live preview of GCODE rendering that should hopefully help debug any complex issues with the instructions being created for your robot.
  • c2c33fc - Marquee selection for multiple items. An absolute must for use with image trace output that may create hundreds of paths that may need adjustment.

Bug fixes:

  • d29e92b - Update of the defaults according to Miguel's tested spec.
  • Lots of GCODE Render fixes and a complete overhaul of the GCODE system.
  • #86 Et al - Moved to DMG for Mac install, should fix any problems installing from zip, and moved to developer ID signed app which should allow installing without bypassing security.
  • dffa48e - Various drag/scale/move issues

Known issues:

  • Image tracing can be very slow, especially for some images and especially for > 1 shade tracing. There is currently no clean way to cancel these long running operations. It's on our radar and will likely be part of the followup point release.