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Exercise tracker - no strings attached. It's in fact an IndexedDB experiment more than a real application, but feel free to use any part of it or it as a whole.


Primary purpose was to gain experience with IndexedDB as it's the only in-browser database that's endorsed by W3C and as such has some future.

Should you want to use just this part of the app, you can just copy idb.js and idbconfig.js. You will need to modify idbconfig.js, but only slightly. I use long variable or member names, so configuration shouldn't be a problem, but feel free to ask if anything is not clear. You will also need jQuery, as the whole thing is relying heavily on it.

Secondary purpose is to actually track the exercises I do. When enough time was spent of finding a suitable free app to do exactly that I realized I'd be able to make my own in the same time. Things eventually got complicated severely when I decided to use IndexedDB, but at least there are results :)


Just copy the whole folder somewhere that's visible from the internet. I use my own website for that:

You will need to change the root folder in menu.js. Since I'm deploying it on my own site, it's /exzerco, but you can change it to whatever you wish, just be sure it works :)


Because the app is using IndexedDB, there is no centralised database, so each user sees only what they enter and the server sees no data. That certainly doesn't mean data cannot be collected, but that's not the purpose of this app.

Another limitation would also be an outdated browser. But I dare say it could be pretty hard to find one of these nowadays.

I haven't seen any need for more specific methods than those that are most commonly used (get all, select entries from specific store bound by some simple rules). Should you really need some of those, this might not be the lib for you. But in that case, I'd advise against IndexedDB altogether. Some improvements are bound to happen if I need them. And since it's open source, feel free to add things.

Import and Export

This app has a non-exposed URL (/data) on which you can export and import the data from your IndexedDB. The implementation is very naive and requires additional configuration in the config file.

Exporting, as far as idb.js is concerned, returns a list of JS objects, which are not sorted and are not separated by stores. However each object has storeName property set, which tells the import method to which store it belongs. There's another property that gets attached: key. Key tells the importer against which index in that store to check whether the exported record already exists (one doesn't want to override an existing record).

Importing might also need "recovery rules". For instance, should any of your records contain non-simple (or JSON stringifiable values), you might need to recover those values when importing data. It's done so that you specify "recoveryRules" property for your store in the config file. It' is a simple object where the key is the key name from the record and value is the "protocol" that's used to recover the data into the right format. Dates were only such type encountered, so only this type was implemented. But since IndexedDB is a document store, the recovery and the rules can be as deep as you want: recover the dates that are on profile objects which are a property of user object.


jQuery2 - do not thread on the web without this (included though). Would work with jQuery1 too.


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Exercise tracker - no strings attached




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