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An awesome list for an awesome project.

Arch Linux is an independently developed, x86-64 general purpose GNU/Linux distribution versatile enough to suit any role. Development focuses on simplicity, minimalism, and code elegance. Arch is installed as a minimal base system, configured by the user upon which their own ideal environment is assembled by installing only what is required or desired for their unique purposes.


Arch-based projects


Linux distributions strongly inspired by Arch Linux.

  • Arch Linux 32 - The community maintained continuation of 32-bit support for Arch Linux.
  • Arch Linux ARM - A distribution of Linux for ARM computers.

Not Linux

Non-Linux projects based on Arch Linux.

  • PacBSD - A lightweight and flexible BSD distribution that provides a base system for use of pacman package manager.
  • Arch Hurd - A derivative work of Arch Linux porting it to the GNU Hurd system with packages optimised for the i686 architecture.
  • ArchWSL - ArchLinux as a WSL Instance.

Arch-based distros


Linux distributions based on Arch Linux for general use.

  • Manjaro - A professionally made Linux based operating system that is a suitable replacement for Windows or macOS.
  • ArcoLinux - A full-featured distribution.
  • ArchBang Linux - A lightweight distribution based on Arch Linux.
  • Archcraft OS - A Minimalistic Linux Distribution, Focused On Aesthetics & Based On Arch Linux.
  • Archman - An Arch Linux-based distribution which features the Calamares system installer and a pre-configured desktop environment.
  • Bluestar Linux - A GNU/Linux distribution that is based on Arch Linux.
  • Crystal Linux - Crystal Linux is a brand new Arch Linux based distribution. Completely beginner friendly, easy to use, and powerful.
  • CachyOS - A GNU/Linux distribution built on Arch Linux, it features the optimized linux-cachyos kernel utilizing the advanced BORE Scheduler for unparalleled performance.
  • EndeavourOS - A rolling release Linux distribution based on Arch Linux.
  • ArchLabs Linux - A distribution based on Arch Linux and featuring the Openbox window manager as the primary desktop interface.
  • Namib GNU/Linux - A desktop operating system based on (and compatible with) the Arch Linux distribution.
  • ArchEX - A new (190612) Linux live DVD based on Arch Linux. Arch motto is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid.
  • Ctlos Linux - Arch Linux based distro.
  • MagpieOS - Get a fresh experience of Arch.
  • Netrunner Rolling - Manjaro/Arch Linux based distro.
  • PuppyRus-A - Lightweight, portable and flexible Linux based on Arch, Puppy, Porteus.
  • TeLiSc OS - A simple GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch Linux which provides you a stable Arch Linux with i3 window manager.
  • Qubes OS (Archlinux Template) - A security-focused desktop operating system that aims to provide security through isolation (Unofficial Archlinux Template).
  • XeroLinux - A well-maintained hobbyist Arch based distro, built using ArcoLinux's ALCI scripts that is meant to provide you with a stable base, making it simpler to install ArchLinux (using Calamares) with a well optimized & customized KDE Plasma.

Specific purpose

Linux distributions based on Arch Linux with a specific purpose.

  • BioArchLinux - (Bioinformatics/Biology) Arch Community for Biologists & Arch Repository for Biological Software.
  • BlackArch Linux - (Security/Forensics) - An Arch Linux-based distribution designed for penetration testers and security researchers.
  • ArchStrike - (Security) - A distribution for security professionals and researchers based on Arch Linux.
  • SystemRescueCd - (Data Rescue) - An Arch-based Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM or USB drive, designed for repairing a system and data after a crash.
  • MorpheusArch Linux - (Data Rescue) - A distribution based on Arch Linux.
  • LinHES - (MythTV) - An attempt to make the installation of GNU/Linux and MythTV as trivial as possible.
  • UBOS - (Server) - A Linux distribution designed to greatly reduce the amount of time required to set up and maintain common network services.
  • TalkingArch - (Assistive) - A re-spin of the Arch Linux live ISO image, modified to include speech and Braille output for blind and visually-impaired users.
  • BBQLinux - (Android Developers) - A user-friendly Linux distribution made for Android developers. It has everything on board to build AOSP or AOSP-based distributions like LineageOS or OmniROM.
  • RaspArch - (Raspberry Pi/ARM) - A โ€œremasterโ€ of Arch Linux ARM.

Pacman-based Linux distros

Linux distributions that use pacman as a package manager.

  • KaOS - KaOS is an independent distribution focused on Qt and KDE.

SystemD-free Arch-based distros

Linux distributions based on Arch Linux that implement alternative inits to SystemD.

  • Obarun - An Arch Linux based distribution featuring the S6 init software in place of systemd.
  • Artix Linux - A fork (or continuation as an autonomous project) of the Arch-OpenRC and Manjaro-OpenRC projects.
  • Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre - A community driven effort to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is stable, secure, simple, lightweight that tries to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) with Long Term Support (LTS).
  • Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - An unofficial "libre" variant of Arch Linux.
  • Alfheim Linux - Systemd free Arch based Linux.

Arch Linux Installers

Installers created specifically to facilitate the installation of Linux Arch.

  • Anarchy - A simple and intuitive Arch Linux installer.
  • Archfi - Just a simple bash script wizard to install Arch Linux after you have booted on the official Arch Linux install media.
  • aui - The Archlinux Ultimate Install comprises of two primary scripts, Lilo and Fifo, which streamline the installation process of Archlinux Base, as well as additional packages, tools, and graphical user interfaces.

AUR Helpers

Search and download

  • Auracle (C++) - A flexible command line client for Arch Linux's User Repository.
  • pbget (Python) - Retrieve PKGBUILDs and local source files from Git, ABS and the AUR for makepkg.
  • repoctl (Go) - Make it easy to manage your local Arch Linux repository.
  • yaah (Bash) - A helper for the Archlinux User Repository (AUR).

Search and build

  • Aurutils (Bash) - Helper tools for the AUR.
  • Bauerbill (Python) - An extension of Powerpill with AUR and ABS support.
  • PKGBUILDer (Python) - An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.
  • repofish (Bash) - Simple shell script used to manage a local archlinux repository.
  • RUA (Rust) - Build tool for Arch Linux providing control, review and jailed build options.

Pacman wrappers

  • amethyst (Rust) - A fast, efficient and lightweight AUR helper and Pacman wrapper made for Crystal, compatible with any Arch-based Linux distribution.
  • Aura (Haskell) - A secure, multilingual package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR.
  • Pacaur (Bash) - An AUR helper that minimizes user interaction.
  • Pakku (Nim) - pacman wrapper with AUR support.
  • Paru (Rust) - AUR helper with all needed modern wrapper features, created by a former developer of yay.
  • pikaur (Python) - AUR helper with minimal dependencies. Review PKGBUILDs all in once, next build them all without user interaction.
  • Trizen (Perl) - Lightweight AUR Package Manager.
  • Yay (Go) - Yet another Yogurt, an AUR Helper written in Go.


  • Argon (Python | GTK3) - lightweight GUI package manager for Arch Linux.
  • Cylon (Bash | TUI) - A CLI TUI menu driven bash shell script supporting updates, maintenance, backups and system checks for an Arch based Linux distro.
  • Pamac (Vala | GTK3) - Graphical Package Manager for Manjaro Linux with Alpm, AUR, Appstream, Flatpak and Snap support.
  • Pakku GUI (Python | GTK3) - Basic GTK interface to (install|remove|upgrade) packages with pakku.
  • PkgBrowser (Python | Qt5) - A utility for browsing pacman databases and the AUR.
  • Octopi (C++ | Qt5) - A graphical user interface for the Arch Linux package management tool pacman.
  • Yup (Go | TUI) - Arch Linux AUR Helper with ncurses functionality and better searching and sorting.


  • aur-out-of-date - Determines out-of-date AUR packages w.r.t. upstream version.
  • aurpublish - PKGBUILD management framework for the Arch User Repository.
  • devtools - Tools for the Arch Linux distribution for building and maintaining official repository packages.
  • pkgbuild-watch - Alerts you to upstream activity.
  • pkgoutofdate - Checks whether Arch packages are out-of-date.


  • arch-audit - A utility like pkg-audit based on Arch Security Team data.
  • aur-talk - A script to fetch and display AUR package comments.
  • aurvote-utils - A set of utilities for managing AUR votes.
  • haskell-aur - Haskell library for accessing Aurweb RPC interface.
  • package-query - Tool for querying libalpm and the AUR.
  • python3-aur - AUR-related modules and helper utilities (aurploader, aurquery, aurtomatic).
  • raur - Rust library for accessing Aurweb RPC interface.

Other projects

Projects linked to or inspired by Arch Linux that do not belong to any previous category.

  • Dotfiles Generator - Dotfiles generator that allows quick configuration of different Window Managers and tools in multiple operating systems, including any Arch Linux-based distribution.
  • Termux Arch - Run Arch Linux ARM on your mobile phone with Termux.
  • archlinux/base - A docker image based on Arch Linux.
  • Arch Linux on EC2 - Amazon EC2 AMIs based on Arch Linux
  • JuNest - A lightweight Arch Linux-based distro that runs, without root privileges, upon any Linux distro.
  • makepkg-optimize - A collection of supplemental tidy, buildenv, and executable scripts for pacman which provide macros for several kinds of optimization in the build() and package() stages.

Inactive projects

Projects that were part of the listing but were discontinued or did not receive updates for a long time.

  • Arch XFerience - A modern OS based on Arch Linux, built for day-to-day operations with tons of packages & features. (inactive)
  • Chakra GNU/Linux - A user-friendly and powerful distribution and live CD originally forked from Arch Linux. (discontinued)
  • Archphile - (Raspberry Pi/ARM/Audio) - Yet another linux audio distribution for embedded boards. (inactive)


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