Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses. It is basically an Information Radiator for CI
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We're back to GitHub - this time for sure! But this does mean I've lost any stars or follows from the original repo

Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses. It is basically an Information Radiator for CI. Cradiator currently supports Cruise Control (Java, .Net, Ruby) and Team City

Cradiator is most suited to display on a dedicated monitor where it is visible to developers working on a project. There are various screen layouts or skins to choose from:

Stack Skin

Also showing is a countdown of how many seconds to go before refreshing (shown here as "00:03") - this can be switched off.

Grid Skin

StackPhoto Skin

Shows an image alongside a broken project (based on the breaker's username). Only 1 breaker is shown.

Color Chart

Color Status
Green Success/Normal
Red Failure/Exception/Error
Yellow Building
White Unknown

Cradiator is a continuation (or "fork") of Ben Carey's BigVisibleCruise at GoogleCode. NB all the important features below were added to Cradiator and are not found in BigVisibleCruise. The conversion to Cradiator also included a significant refactoring - extreme separation of concerns (SRP), reduction of assemblies, C#3 features etc

Important Features

  • Shows breakers of a build (if broken) or the volunteer to fix the build (for CCNet requires 1.4.3 or greater)
  • New skin (StackPhoto)
  • Filter by Category (in addition to Project Name)
  • Show progress/status when making connection to Cruise server (configurable)
  • Color gradients for visual appeal
  • Wav files can be played on specific events (currently 'NewlyBrokenBuild' and 'NewlyFixedBuild')
  • Speech synthesis - Cradiator says which build is broken (handy for those with sore necks who can't check the big screen) - uses SAPI support on Windows. The text to say and the voice itself is configurable - so you can Download your own voices
  • Show a Countdown of how many seconds to go before refreshing status
  • Added a Debug-mode facility to allow developers to replace the Cruise Web Service XML with their own XML - handy for UI testing/experimentation and screenshot/demos
  • Configuration changes:
  • An app restart is not required for settings to take effect
  • Config file can even be edited while the app is running (ie is 'watched' for changes and applied immediately or at the next refresh interval)
  • Settings dialog (for people with text-editor phobias)
  • Logging (using log4net) - can be configured via app.config
  • MultiUrl - Combine multiple projects or servers into one screen (view) by specifying multiple URLs (space-delimited)
  • MultiView - Is your monitor not big enough to display all your projects? Split your projects between separate "views". A view is the combination of URL, Skin and project filters. When more than 1 view is set, each one is shown on a rotation cycle every poll interval (default 30 seconds)
    • For example, if you have 12 projects, you can set 2 views which show only 6 each

Cradiator requires .Net3.5 installed (there is no check for this in the installer as I trust devs can manage this)

Config documentation

  1. Polling Frequency - In seconds. Default is 30

  2. Views/view - Each 'view' can be defined in this xml section

  • If more than 1 view is specified, then the view is switched (on a rotation cycle) at each poll interval.
  • Each view contains a url & other base settings as documented below
  1. view/url - The (xml) status report URL
  1. multi-url - URL can be split (using space as a delimiter), to refer to multiple urls.

    • eg value="http://url1 http://url2"
    • All project data is collected into one screen output
    • DEBUG MODE (ie prepending word 'debug' to URL) overrides the multiurl feature; no multiurls are read if debug is on
  2. view/project-regex - RegEx used to filter which projects are included (by name)

    • Defaults to ".*" (even if config is "")
  3. view/category-regex - as for ProjectNameRegEx but filters by category name

  4. view/server-regex - as for ProjectNameRegEx but filters by server name

    • for ccnet this is the name of the build server as defined in dashboard.config in dashboard\remoteServices\servers\server
  5. view/name - the name for this view, will be shown when ShowOnlyBroken = true and there are no broken projects

  • view/showServerName - shows the servername below the project name if true, handy if you monitor multiple servers with identical project names

  • view/skin - Currently 3 choices

    1. Grid - arranged in a grid format
    2. Stack - arranged in a stack (ie top-to-bottom listbox type) format
    3. StackPhoto - same as Stack but shows an image of the build breaker as well as text

    last/first listed - is the last/first person to commit while build is broken - where 'last/first' is dependent on the setting 'BreakerGuiltStrategy' (below) - and not necessarily honored by the server producing XML, so use with a grain of salt

  • photo/image - requires a sub-folder named 'images' (relative to folder in which the Cradiator.exe resides) with a JPEG ([username].jpg) corresponding to each username (the folder is created if you use the Cradiator installer)

  • The JPEG file must be named using the username - eg bsimpson requires a filepath 'images/bsimpson.jpg'
  • If a file/photo does not exist for a user, everything will still work as normal (ie it's not considered an error)
  • ShowCountdown - 'true' or 'false' (case insensitive) ,so { True False TRUE FALSE } are all valid

    • Shows a clock that counts down the 'time to go' before refreshing the screen (updated approx every second)
  • PlaySounds - true/false, whether to play sounds on events (described below) (.WAV files only)

  • PlaySpeech - true/false, whether to speak (ie use SpeechSynthesizer) on certain build events. What is spoken is also configurable (see FixedBuildText & BrokenBuildText below)

  • BrokenBuildSound - the filename (without path) of the .WAV file

    • The file is assumed to be in a sub-folder named 'sounds' (relative to the folder in which Cradiator.exe resides)
    • A 'BrokenBuildSound' plays in response to a project that starts 1) not Broken (FAILURE|EXCEPTION) followed by 2) Broken
  • FixedBuildSound - as for BrokenBuildSound, but plays in the case of 1) Broken (FAILURE|EXCEPTION) followed by 2) SUCCESS

  • BrokenBuildText - text can be just text or include variables which are replaced at runtime [Plain Text] - Voice automatically speaks the project name, followed by configured text eg voice speaks "Project1 [your text goes here]."

  • Default value is "is broken" [Custom] - Can include 2 variables in your text (1) $ProjectName$ (2) $Breaker$ (only for broken builds))
  • the variables are used to specify values that are known only at run time, for that particular project
  • eg "$ProjectName$ is broken, $Breaker$, you're fired!"
  • FixedBuildText - as for BrokenBuildText - default value is "is fixed"

  • SpeechVoiceName - The (SAPI) voice name used in speech synthesis

  • The voice name does not have to be exactly correct, for example 'william' is close enough to select the 'Cepstral William' voice.
  • If voice name is ambiguous then first matching name, in alphabetical order, is selected
  • usernames - a section for mapping usernames to real or full-length names for use by the SpeechSynthesizer
  • used when figuring the $Breaker$ variable in Fixed/BrokenBuildText eg if your username is 'jbloggs' - this may not sound comprehensible when spoken by the voice synthesizer, hence you can map this username to 'Johann Bloggs' via this config.
  • A username of 'jsmith' is mapped to 'John Smith' by default, in app.config, to make the format required obvious
  • BreakerGuiltStrategy - 'First' or 'Last'
  • How to determine the 'Breaker', is the 'First' build breaker always guilty?, or do subsequent committers ('Last' breaker) assume guilt when they commit over a breaking build?