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@PandaWood PandaWood released this Aug 26, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes (all minor)

  • #34 Remove Contact Tab and associated config: ShowContactTab, ContactEmail, WebUrl, Phone, Fax
    This may not actually effect any users because the Contact Tab was switched off by default and... what's a Fax?
  • Rename config ShowMoreLessDetail to ShowLessDetailButton - this is because we always show "More" and optionally show "Less"
  • ShowFullDetail now defaults to false (since it's for advanced/technical users, it shouldn't be the default)
  • Properties marked as [Obsolete] last version have been removed

New Features

Report Templates - #25

  • Reports can be rendered in Text, HTML or Markdown (there are presets for these)
  • Custom templates can also be passed in (via string) - so sky's the limit there
  • The templating engine used is Handlebars - which is almost identical to Mustache
  • Internally, this removes a whole bunch of string concatenating logic - which was unwieldy and difficult to change and test
  • Though it does introduce a new dependency on v1.9 of Handlebars.NET
  • New configuration for report templates are (by example):
    • er.Config.ReportTemplateFormat = TemplateFormat.Text // Html/Markdown
    • er.Config.ReportCustomTemplate = "Your template {{App.Name}}
  • To create your own custom templates, you'll need to know the Model that is passed to it - see class ReportModel
  • See also the preset templates in the solution under "Templates" folder for examples


  • #29 - List of assemblies is inconsistent between interface listing and report output
  • #28 - List of assemblies does not include the main assembly (only referencing assemblies)
  • #35 - Fixed button text in "More Detail" mode to say "Send" instead of "Email" if ReportSendMethod was "WebService"


  • Worked on souping up XML/doc comments inExceptionReportInfo - they are now very thorough
  • Even replaced other internal code such as the introductory email text with a template - makes things easier to change/edit
  • Test coverage is getting fairly respectable
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