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A .NET wrapper around Simple MAPI - a set of functions to create an email using a compatible Email client on Windows
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This project originated from the article Simple-MAPI-NET on CodeProject site. There has been a few important fixes in this project since the original was imported.

The nuget package


PM> Install-Package Simple-MAPI.NET

What does it do?

Simple MAPI.NET allows you to create an email message using the user's default email client on Windows.

You can set a subject, body and attachments and invoke the default email client (eg Outlook/Windows Mail), ready to send.

It's useful if you want to create an email for the user, without sending it yourself using SMTP etc.

Should I use

Simple MAPI is an old technology and it's basically deprecated - Microsoft warns that the use of Simple MAPI is discouraged and that it may be unavailable in later versions of Windows

But it's the only way, I know, to invoke the default Email client and set subject/body and attachments on Windows.

It still works on Windows 10 and we'll keep using it until it stops.

How to use

I have used it, with success, like this (no logon/logoff)

using Win32Mapi;

var mapi = new SimpleMapi();
mapi.AddRecipient(name: "", addr: null, cc: false);
mapi.Attach(filepath: "c:\\bob.txt");
mapi.Send(subject: "a subject", noteText: "a body text");

I don't use Logon/off() because at least in one case (64-bit Office/Outlook) it just creates a superflous error but sends anyway - ie removing the call to Logon() still works.


I was using this source code within the ExceptionReporter.NET project.

I copied it, with internal attribution, from the article on Simple-MAPI-NET on the Code Project site. But I noticed that no one else had committed this code a to a repository... so, me to the rescue.

This way, I could use the library as a dependency rather than horde a load of unrelated code in the project - and get fixes and suggestions from the community!

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