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基于 rAthena 进行改进增强的中文仙境传说模拟器
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CairoLee 构建打包源时默认移除 rAthena 自带的 SQL 升级脚本 (#182)
* 构建打包源时默认移除 rAthena 自带的 SQL 升级脚本
* 修正生成打包源时遗漏 mapcache.exe 的问题
* 将更新日志调整为 Markdown 格式, 并尝试拟定 v1.0.0 版本的更新内容
* 在更新日志中给出丢失运行时库文件的解决方案
* 暂时移除捐赠名单找一个更合适的地方呈现
* 打包源中的全部文件名改成小写
* 继续完善 v1.0.0 版本的更新日志
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.github 更新 issue 模板文件, 对一些细节进行微调 (#158) Aug 22, 2019
3rdparty 更新 breakpad 到其 master 分支的 db1cda2 版本 (#181) Oct 6, 2019
branding Update (#3333) Jul 18, 2019
conf 生成打包源时能部署相关的启动批处理文件, 修正数据库编码识别问题 (#178) Sep 25, 2019
doc 汇总合并 rAthena 官方最新代码 - 2019年10月05日 Oct 5, 2019
npc Portals Correction - yuno_in03 (#4360) Sep 21, 2019
sql-files SQL synchronization Oct 2, 2019
src 汇总合并 rAthena 官方最新代码 - 2019年10月05日 Oct 5, 2019
tools 构建打包源时默认移除 rAthena 自带的 SQL 升级脚本 (#182) Oct 7, 2019
.editorconfig Added .editorconfig file to force editor settings for certain file ty… Jul 30, 2018
.gitattributes 进行编译时, 能够将分支名称和版本号都编译进去 (#165) Aug 23, 2019
.gitignore 修改崩溃转储文件的保存位置, 只有当程序崩溃时才建立相关目录 (#168) Sep 1, 2019
.lgtm.yml 回滚对 localtime 的错误改造 (感谢 kkk 的反馈) (#159) Aug 11, 2019
.travis.yml Added the skeleton for the yaml converter (#3991) Feb 28, 2019
AUTHORS Add SnakeDrak as author (#4011) Mar 12, 2019 构建打包源时默认移除 rAthena 自带的 SQL 升级脚本 (#182) Oct 7, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Fixed CMake on Windows (#3204) Jun 20, 2018
LICENSE Updated License from GNU GPLv2 to GNU GPLv3. Sep 9, 2010 使用 Google Breakpad 捕捉程序的崩溃转储文件 (#150) Jul 27, 2019 将 travis-ci 的图标换成 SVG 矢量图, 使之更清晰 Jul 28, 2019
appveyor.yml 汇总合并 rAthena 官方最新代码 - 2019年08月20日 Aug 20, 2019
athena-start Fixed linux server shutdown order (#2151) May 20, 2017
configure 进行编译时, 能够将分支名称和版本号都编译进去 (#165) Aug 23, 2019 进行编译时, 能够将分支名称和版本号都编译进去 (#165) Aug 23, 2019 Fixed #194 Jan 3, 2016
mac.rathena-start.scpt Okie ladies and gentleman if this commit breaks anything it's jman's … Jul 8, 2012
rAthena.sln 使用 Google Breakpad 捕捉程序的崩溃转储文件 (#150) Jul 27, 2019 Fixed #194 Jan 3, 2016


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rAthena is a collaborative software development project revolving around the creation of a robust massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) server package. Written in C, the program is very versatile and provides NPCs, warps and modifications. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world as well as a tremendous community providing QA and support. rAthena is a continuation of the eAthena project.

Forum Discord Wiki FluxCP Crowdfunding Fork and Pull Request Q&A

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Installation
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. More Documentation
  5. How to Contribute
  6. License

1. Prerequisites

Before installing rAthena there are certain tools and applications you will need which differs between the varying operating systems available.


Hardware Type Minimum Recommended
CPU 1 Core 2 Cores
Disk Space 300 MB 500 MB

Operating System & Preferred Compiler

Operating System Compiler
Linux gcc-5 or newer / Make
Windows MS Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017

Required Applications

Application Name
Database MySQL 5 or newer / MariaDB 5 or newer
Git Windows / Linux

Optional Applications

Application Name
Database MySQL Workbench 5 or newer

2. Installation

Full Installation Instructions

3. Troubleshooting

If you're having problems with starting your server, the first thing you should do is check what's happening on your consoles. More often that not, all support issues can be solved simply by looking at the error messages given. Check out the wiki or forums if you need more support on troubleshooting.

4. More Documentation

rAthena has a large collection of help files and sample NPC scripts located in the /doc/ directory. These include detailed explanations of NPC script commands, atcommands (@), group permissions, item bonuses, and packet structures, among many other topics. We recommend that all users take the time to look over this directory before asking for assistance elsewhere.

5. How to Contribute

Details on how to contribute to rAthena can be found in!

6. License

Copyright (c) rAthena Development Team - Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0

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