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Send desktop notifications on all platforms in Deno.
Supports Windows, macOS, and linux using notify-rust though some features are platform-specific.

Note: More features are in the works and the API may change as a result.


The mod.ts entrypoint uses Plug internally so you don't have to download or open the plugin manually.

You will need to run using the --unstable and --allow-all permissions to allow for automatic plugin loading and caching.

import { Notification } from "";

// Create a new notification
const notif = new Notification();

// Add a simple message
notif.title("My message");

// Display it;

Or stack together your desired options:

new Notification({ macos: true })
  .title("My message")
  .subtitle("It's very important...")
  .body("Hello, World!")


Check out the Documentation for a list of available features.

Platform-Specific Features

By default, only cross-platform features are available. In order to enable platform-specific features (e.g. icons), you can pass in booleans flags to specify the supported platforms in the Notification's constructor.

// Enable linux-specific-features
const notif = new Notification({ linux: true });

// Notification.icon() is now available

Specifying platforms may also provide different documentation and typings for the Notification API.

For example, macOS has specific sound names that are available for Notifications; these are reflected in the macOS-specific Notification API.

IntelliSense Suggesting MacOS Sound Names When Calling Notification.soundName()

Strict Platform Checking

The second parameter of the Notification's constructor can be used to determine whether the platform-features should be checked at runtime. When true (default), any platform-specific feature will error if used on a platform that does not support it. When false, the error will be silently ignored.

Note: Platform checking is performed both at compile time (TypeScript) and at runtime.

// Icons are not supported on macOS
// If notif.icon() is called on a macOS computer, this will error.
const notif = new Notification({ linux: true }, true);

// This will not error; however, no icon will be displayed on macOS.
const notif = new Notification({ linux: true }, false);


Installing Manually

By default, the ffi library will automatically be downloaded via Plug to match your deno_notify version.

However, in some cases you may want to refer to a local version of the library files. To do so, you can set the environment variable NOTIFY_PLUGIN_URL to the path of the library file(s).

You can set the environment variable via command line, or directly through Deno via Deno.env.set(). (Note that you must import deno_notify after having set the environment variable for this option to take effect).

Known Issues

  • Many platform-specific features are not implemented
    • Features like actions, hints, etc.
    • Need to integrate new mac-notification-sys changes into notify-rust
  • Icons/app_id on macOS are not implemented because of following issues:
    • Custom app icons are only applied if the notification requesting it is the first one being sent on mac
      • This means an app icon cannot be changed once set, and cannot be changed even if it wasn't set in the first one.
    • Using a custom app icon on mac sometimes crashes


Pull request, issues and feedback are very welcome. Code style is formatted using deno fmt -c deno.jsonc. When adding new features, please also add tests in the tests directory.