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  • Podcast directory, as of 2017-11-09
    • 25,595 podcasts
      • subscribe via barcode
      • web player
      • cross linked to episodes, personas, categories, ...)
    • 1,432,892 episodes
    • 155 categories
    • 59,886 personas
    • 1,084,368 gigs (= contributions on podcast level)
    • 47,700 engagements (= contributions on episode level)
  • Full text search engine
  • Latest Recommendations
  • Top 10 subscribed Podcasts
  • Top 5 liked Podcasts
  • Podcaster profile
    • free form (markdown text)
    • engagements
    • gigs
    • photo
    • business card
    • delegations (to members of groups)
    • redirects (from deprecated aliases)
  • follows (I wan't to be notified about news)
  • (notification system ... almost not used yet)
  • subscriptions (I claim to listen to a podcast)
  • likes (I like it, maybe I just don't find the time to listen to it)
  • recommendations (255 characters)
  • Listeners of the podcasts you listen to, also listen to
  • Users, who like the same podcasts as you, also like
  • The categories my podcasts are assigned to
  • Upload my own OPML file (subscription list)
  • Suggest a podcast (if you don't want to share your OPML file)
  • Nested category tree
    • Categories listed alphabetically, sorted by language
  • Community categories with extra views, currently:
    • latest episodes
    • sort by categorized listed in as well
  • API
  • Random recommendations
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